The 2021 Annual Appeal

Dear friends,

Picture yourself locked in a closet – beaten, broken, and without any hope of a safe and loving home. 

Imagine the darkness that surrounds you. The fear you feel with every footfall outside the door. Now see yourself as a child cowering in this closet.

This is how life looks for a teenager named Emma. 

I’ll tell you more about Emma in a moment, but I want to show you how you can be a hero for an abused child like her.

Today, you have an amazing opportunity to make a better life for teens like Emma. By giving now, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar and it will go a long way to creating a future free from abuse for kids like Emma.

Emma’s childhood has been defined by trauma.

She grew up being beaten and emotionally abused by her father. She was forced to spend hours in an enclosed space and endure some of the worst physical cruelty you can imagine. What many of us remember as the carefree days of childhood are instead memories of real-life nightmares for Emma.

After years and years of this horrible mistreatment, CPS finally intervened. Removing her from her father’s care, Emma was brought to our Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter.

Clearly in distress, our team worked hard to get her the care, physically and mentally, that she needed. She began to connect with our staff and start on a journey of healing. Within a few weeks, Emma was told that her mother – a woman that she has never met or lived with – would receive full custody of her.

Somehow, Emma found the hope within her to dream that she was finally going to have a loving and kind family. Instead, Emma found herself in yet another nightmare.

I know that you’ve given a lot over these past couple years. You’ve helped us through the worst of the pandemic. You’ve been there for families, youth, and seniors in our community in a time when help was hard to find.

Kids like Emma need your help one more time. Will you be the hero that Emma is looking for and double your donation by giving today?

Emma left the Shelter for her new home. She was vulnerable, suffering from PTSD, and anxious about this change. What she found wasn’t a loving home, but a destructive and careless indifference from the one person who was supposed to be there for her: her mother. 

Emma’s mother, struggling with her own issues, collected donations for her mental health treatment and kept the money. She sold Emma’s medication for drugs and inflicted new horrors and wounds on her. This, along with daily verbal and emotional abuse, left Emma alone to struggle with anxiety, panic, and feelings of abandonment once again. 

You know this isn’t right. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.

No child should be harmed at the hands of their parents - the very people in the world who are supposed to love and care for them the most.  Yet every day in our Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs, we see cases that would bring you to tears and ignite your heart to envision and enact change.

Will you give today to help every child like Emma find a safe and healthy home?

Please click here to give generously now: – donating today means doubling your impact through a generous matching grant!

You’ve never met Emma, but I can tell you that she loves animals, writing, and painting – all things kids her age enjoy. Yet, we could hardly describe Emma’s youth as a childhood. She struggles with mental, emotional, and physical wounds that will only heal with proper love, care, and support.

Emma lives in constant fear of abandonment and believes no one will be there for her. But you can be there for Emma and kids just like her by giving now.

Your gift helps kids like Emma and so many more youth, families, and seniors in our community. It ensures a warm bed and a hot meal for youth in crisis at our Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter, support for families facing homelessness and financial crisis, and connection for homebound seniors.

Emma had no say in who her mother and father would be. She had no choice but to play the cards that life dealt her. Will you give Emma and abused teens like her a choice to be free from violence and cruelty by donating now?

You can give through our secure online website at or mail a check to: CAPTAIN CHS, 543 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY 12302.

I know you’re someone who values kindness and empathy. You believe kids like Emma should have the opportunity to grow up in a warm, loving, and healthy home.

That’s why I’m asking you now to take action and give today.

Every day, CAPTAIN CHS staff and volunteers are working hard to make a difference for kids like Emma. They’re connecting with homeless youth, homebound seniors, and families facing financial crisis, hunger, and homelessness right here in our community.

Your gift will make a difference for Emma and so many more children, families, and seniors in our community. Please give today by visiting our secure online donation page at 

Donate now and show Emma that the world is a brighter, kinder place than she knows it to be. 

Every single dollar makes an impact and no matter how much you give, you’ll help bring hope for a brighter future to thousands in our community. Please take this moment to write a check, or visit to make a difference now.

Thank you again for your support and your faith in our good work. Your generosity is what makes it possible to have hope for kids like Emma.

With warm regards,

Andy Gilpin
Executive Director

P.S. Don’t forget: If you give today, your donation will have twice the impact and will be matched dollar-for-dollar. You can give online through our secure donation form at or mail a check to: CAPTAIN CHS, 543 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY 12302.