Financial Resources

Listed below are links to community resources that may help during the COVID-19 outbreak. The list is updated as frequently as possible, but some information may have changed more quickly than we can make the revisions. If you know of any community resources not included in this list, please email

Please note CAPTAIN CHS is not providing endorsements for the private resources listed, but list those in an effort to connect community members with as many sources of support as possible.

Resource List

  • AT&T will waive internet data overage fees, cease disconnections and keep hot-spots open for 60 days.

  • 211 offers information on services including food, shelter, domestic safety, childcare, eldercare, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, employment and job training, volunteer opportunities and much more. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 200 languages.

  • During a novel coronavirus conference call briefing, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the State Department of Financial Services will require insurance companies to waive co-pays for telehealth visits. This action will encourage New Yorkers to seek medical attention from their homes rather than visit a hospital or doctor's office — ultimately reducing strain on the healthcare system and preventing further spread of the virus.

  • Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a new directive by the State Department of Financial Services requiring New York health insurers to waive cost sharing associated with testing for novel coronavirus including emergency room, urgent care and office visits. The Governor also announced New Yorkers receiving Medicaid coverage will not be expected to pay a co-pay for any testing related to COVID-19.

  • As you are most likely aware, the IRS will begin issuing Economic Impact Payments, commonly referred to as stimulus checks, to eligible individuals starting the week of April 13. The checks will be issued based on a taxpayer's most recently filed tax return for either 2018 or 2019. Filers who already filed a tax return, receive Social Security retirement, or Social Security Disability Insurance payments, or receive Railroad Retirement benefits do not have to take any action and will receive their Economic Impact Payment automatically. For those who are not required to file a tax return or meet certain other circumstances, the IRS has released a short online form to be filled out in order to claim the EIP. Visit for more information.

  • Governor Cuomo Announces Three-Way Agreement with Legislature on Paid Sick Leave Bill to Provide Immediate Assistance for New Yorkers Impacted By COVID-19. Visit for more information.

  • New York’s Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks directed courts across the state to suspend operations, which will include eviction proceedings and pending evictions, until further notice as the state continues to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak. (Story from the Times Union - we are working to find an official posting for this.)

  • From Governor Cuomo's Office: To help, the State is issuing a new directive to provide 90-day mortgage relief to those impacted by the novel coronavirus. The directive includes: waiving mortgage payments based on financial hardship; no negative reporting to credit bureaus; grace period for loan modification; no late payment fees or online payment fees; postponing or suspending foreclosures. They will also instruct state-chartered banks to waive ATM fees, late fees, overdraft fees and fees for credits cards to help lessen the financial hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic on New Yorkers. (Awaiting official link.)

  • Through United Way’s partnership with H&R Block, most every household with a simple return can file their federal and state taxes for free!

  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the Trump administration has decided to push the income tax filing date to July 15 from April 15. Mnuchin announced the decision in a tweet Friday saying that at President Donald Trump’s direction “we are moving Tax Day from April 15 to July 15. All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties.” **New York's Governor Cuomo announced the extension applies to New York State tax returns as well.

  • Price Chopper, Stewarts, and Target have all announced they are hiring part-time. Please see the individual business sites for additional details.

  • National Grid is temporarily suspending collections-related activities, including service disconnections, to lessen any financial hardship the COVID-19 pandemic may have on customers. These policies are effective immediately and will be in place through the end of April. National Grid is working to defer a bill increase that was scheduled to take effect April 1. The company has asked New York regulators for permission to postpone the previously approved gas and electricity delivery price increases in recognition of the unprecedented hardships the COVID-19 outbreak continues to bring to families across the region.

  • A list of ways to save on utilities cost while the stay-at-home order is in place. Provided by National Grid.

  • NYS Medical and Student Debt Halted

    New York will temporarily halt the collection of medical and student debt owed to the state, and referred to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) for collection, for at least a 30-day period as of 3/17/20, in response to growing financial impairments resulting from COVID-19.

  • If you're seeing exorbitant pricing on important consumer goods, you can file a complaint with the New York State Attorney General.

  • US Small Business Administration's Fact Sheet on Economic Disaster Loans for New York businesses. Visit for more information.

  • The way tolls are collected on the New York State Thruway is changing because of coronavirus concerns. Starting Sunday morning, anyone paying with cash at a toll plaza will instead be sent a bill in the mail.

  • NYS is waiving the 7-Day waiting period for Unemployment Insurance benefits for people who are out of work due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) closures or quarantines. If you are filing a new unemployment insurance claim, the day you should file is based on the first letter of your last name. If your last name starts with A - F, file your claim on Monday. For last names starting with G - N, file your claim Tuesday. For last names starting with O - Z, file your claim on Wednesday. If you missed your filing day, file your claim on Thursday or Friday. Filing later in the week will not delay your payments or affect the date of your claim, since all claims are effective on the Monday of the week in which they are filed. -HOW TO GUIDE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD BELOW-

  • Verizon will waive late fees and not terminate service for 60 days.