Meet Our Heroes: Individuals, Businesses and Groups Making a Difference in Our Community!

A warm shoutout to TCT Federal Credit Union for being a beacon of community support during this Thanksgiving season! Your ongoing dedication to giving back shines through, and your contribution to our Thanksgiving Basket program at CAPTAIN Community Human Services is making a meaningful impact. With your generosity, we're able to bring smiles and nourishment to families in need, creating a ripple of positivity throughout our community. Thank you, TCT Federal Credit Union, for embodying the true spirit of unity and compassion!

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to John W. Danforth Company for their unwavering commitment to our community. For many years, their generosity has been a beacon of hope during the Thanksgiving season, providing baskets filled with warmth and nourishment to those in need. This longstanding tradition embodies the true spirit of giving, and we're profoundly grateful for the positive impact it continues to have on countless lives. Thank you, John W. Danforth Company, for being a pillar of support and spreading joy year after year!

Heartfelt thanks to Greenlight Networks for their incredible generosity! Your support means the world to us at CAPTAIN Community Human Services, and with your thoughtful donation, our Thanksgiving Basket program is reaching new heights of impact. Your commitment to our community is helping us create moments of joy and togetherness during this special season. Thank you, Greenlight Networks, for being a beacon of support and making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve!

A huge shoutout to Pepsi for their incredible generosity! Thanks to their thoughtful donation, the Thanksgiving Basket program at CAPTAIN Community Human Services is set to make a positive impact on countless lives. Your support is helping us spread warmth and joy to those in need. Together, we're making this holiday season brighter for our community. Thank you, Pepsi, for making a difference!

Sharing is caring, and today we’re caring a whole lot! Join us in a BIG thank you to the fantabulous folks from The Mill on Round Lake, The Rusty Nail, and Bentley's Tavern for donating 20 beautiful Thanksgiving baskets and handmade cards. We are so appreciative of the generosity from the community during this holiday season!Thanksgiving Basket donations are accepted through November 17th. With a little help, anything is possible!

Together, you are providing full plates and full hearts! A BIG thank you to the Clifton Park Hannaford Supermarkets for your kind and heartwarming donation to the food pantry. With each donation, our community continues to lift people up and build brighter futures! Thank you for making a difference through your incredible help and generosity.

Check out more photos from this year's Volunteer Appreciation Dinner!

Celebrating Our CAPTAIN Community Heroes!

Last week, we gathered to honor the incredible individuals who make a world of difference in our community. CAPTAIN Community Human Services' Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was a night to remember, and we're excited to share some moments with you.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our volunteers. Your dedication, selflessness, and unwavering commitment to the betterment of our community inspire us all. Together, we're making our community a better place for everyone!

The delicious food and warm conversations made the evening even more special. Our volunteers enjoyed a well-deserved feast, surrounded by friends and fellow change-makers.

Let's raise a toast to our CAPTAIN Community Heroes and the remarkable impact they have on our community every day.

WOW! Community Hero Alert! Thanks to Arnoff Moving & Storage for donating a whopping 1,044 pounds of food! They hosted a food drive competition with local companies that resulted in two pallets of donations!!! Thank you thank you!

Thank you, thank you to Trustco Bank for all of your incredible support of the Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter's 25th Anniversary Fund! It's because of supporters like you that our Youth Shelter has a strong foundation for the next 25 years!

Congratulations to Community Heroes On the Move Health & Fitness, LLC on their second anniversary! We truly appreciate all that you do for kids, families, and seniors in our community!

Community Hero Alert! Thanks so much to Starpoint Church for hosting a basketball camp at Cheryl's Lodge this summer! The kids received a water bottle, shirt, and new basketball at the end of the program. It was an awesome time!

Community Hero Alert! Thank you to JCPenney-Clifton Park Center who provided a back-to-school shopping trip for several youth from Cheryl's Lodge. Store employees, including the General Manager, were super helpful and incredibly generous in supporting these fantastic kids!

Community Hero Alert! Shopping with the Stars!!! Thanks to Starpoint Church and Kohl's for an amazing event where kids from Cheryl's Lodge were paired with a Starpoint volunteer to walk through the store and pick out what was needed for back-to-school. The kids ended the day with snacks and water too! What a fun and generous annual event!

Community Hero Alert! Thank you so, so, so much to this group of incredible people from Ayco at Goldman Sachs for coming to complete the Fall Cleanup at our Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter. Not only did the team prepare the Shelter for the coming winter, but they created a beautiful environment to celebrate the Youth Shelter's 25th Anniversary this Thursday, September 21st!

We're so honored to see one of CAPTAIN CHS's Founders, Dr. Bill Long, receiving a Key to the Town Award from the Town of Clifton Park. Dr. Long, his wife Anne, and his family have been an integral part of building a safety net for kids and families in our community. Thank you for all that you do!

WOW! Thank you SO MUCH to Paul Bonacio and Bonacio Construction, Relyea & Sons and Daughters LLC, and CAPTAIN CHS Board Immediate Past President Mike Holley for making this long journey possible - we now finally have a swing set at Cheryl's Lodge!!! The team worked through the sun and rain to get this setup for the kids and we could not be more grateful!

Community Hero Alert! Cindy from To Love a Child donated a grill to Cheryl's Lodge, which we can use for our summer programs and during the school year for grilling. Thank you so much to Cindy for this wonderful upgrade to our Outreach Center!

Happy Happy BIrthday! Can you believe this donation? 48 bags FULL! All gifts in lieu of birthday presents for this wonderful donor's 80th!
This is community!

Wow! What an amazing act of kindness from Fenimore Asset Management and Siena College Basketball! These wonderful teams helped to refurbish the basketball court (Star Court) at Cheryl's Lodge this summer. The celebration event was wonderful, and the kids have enjoyed everyday on the court this summer. Thank you so, so, so much to these two groups of absolutely generous staff and players!

Thanks so much to The Country Drive-In for donating 150 ice creams with sprinkles and spoons for an ice cream social at Cheryl's Lodge! The kids had a blast putting toppings on their ice cream. Starpoint Church joined in on the fun and the kids were able to take home free toys and play outside with our equipment!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for this month's Dinner for a Cause at Panza's Restaurant on Wednesday! It was a wonderful and delicious event in support of kids, families, and seniors in our community! Thanks SO SO much to Panza's for your generosity in hosting and for all of your support!

WOW! A great, big, HUGE THANK YOU to Starpoint Church, and especially Clyde, who helped to collect and organize over 20 bikes for this family-friendly event at Cheryl's Lodge! Everyone enjoyed the snacks and doughnuts too. What an awesome day!

Community Heroes Alert! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kevin Marin of Wealth Solutions Network at Raymond James, Christine Sheppard Agency, Inc. Farmers Insurance, and Stefanie DeLallo Bitter of Bartlett Pontiff Stewart & Rhodes for hosting an amazingly successful Lawn Party + Mixed Fundraiser to collect food and hygiene products for the Emergency Food & Hygiene Pantry! What an amazing day it was - full of incredible generosity and tons of fun. Thanks also to the Twin Bridges Rotary Club for joining us!

THANK YOU thank you to the team from CDPHP who showed up for United Way of the Greater Capital Region's 518 Day to help with spring cleanup at our Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter! We're so incredibly appreciative of the work done to make the Shelter a welcoming and inviting place for teens in crisis.

Thanks so, so much to the crew from United Way of the Greater Capital Region for coming out to help spruce up Cheryl's Lodge with a spring cleaning! We're truly appreciative of your help on 518 Day and every day in our community!

WOW! What an amazing spring cleanup transformation at our Runaway & Homeless Youth Center, courtesy of Air Liquide's local team for United Way of the Greater Capital Region's 518 Day of service! Thank you, thank you for all that you did to make the Shelter an inviting, warm, and welcoming place for youth in crisis!

Second annual lawn party and mixed fundraiser! The event on Friday will be collecting common hygiene products. Some of the most needed items include shampoo, conditioner, soap and body wash, deodorant, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Everything will be put on the shelves of CAPTAIN CHS's Emergency Food and Hygiene Pantry.

A HUGE thank you to Grace Fellowship for hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids at Cheryl's Lodge! Everyone had an awesome time "hunting" for eggs, enjoying prizes, and pizza. What a great event!

Community Hero Alert! We're so grateful to State Farm Agent Tom Bullock and staff for your incredible support of kids, families, and seniors in our community!

If you haven't already, give them a call at 518-400-1770 to get a quote and they'll donate $5 to CAPTAIN CHS!

If you run, you are a runner

I coach athletes from 7th grade to 70+ years old, including sub-5:00 milers, 5+ hour marathoners, and everyone in between. I work through rehabilitation and injury prevention programs with people who run every day, and those who find ways other than running to move their body to stay physically active and healthy. When I attend races myself, I see and talk with people who are there to support the charity but don’t run regularly, the parents who are trying to keep up with their kids, and the more consistent or competitive runners who are looking for a personal best time or a win.

In all of these scenarios, I often hear a statement to the effect of “… but I’m not a real runner” and my heart sinks. I hold firm to the idea that if you run, you are a runner. Running takes many different forms and there are a lot of factors that go into one’s running story: natural talent; commitment to training; preferred distances or terrain; age; running age (i.e., how long one has been running rather than chronological age); opting for the climate-controlled treadmill over the blustery winter wind; or simply the intent and focus of one’s running. All of these play a role in each runner’s unique journey.

As a coach, my top priority is for my athletes to be healthy and happy. When that happens, they are more likely to achieve their training and performance goals. Multiple research studies have demonstrated the positive effects of physical activity on depression, anxiety, heart health, and even some cancers; running and other forms of exercise such as lifting weights, cycling, and plyometrics, can help you to live a longer and happier life.

Since 2021, I have hosted the Empowering Female Athletes (EFA) Retreat ( This retreat is a beautiful getaway for women of all sports and abilities – yes, even those who identify as “weekend warriors”. We offer a variety of workshops and activities that are structured around the idea that if you intentionally move your body for exercise, you are an athlete. Sound familiar??

There are many races in the Capital Region – and around the world! – that welcome runners of all ages, abilities and levels of competitive spirit. The Route 50 Mile is one of them, and I have been fortunate to run in this race several times since its inception in 2008. I chose to sponsor the Route 50 Mile again this year because of its focus on inclusion of all levels. The crowd support along the route, free Stewart’s ice cream at the end, and a parade right after are all fun additions that make the race stand out among others in the area. My daughter was one of the last to finish in 2022, and she received exactly the same perks as the leaders!

You are part of the running community too, and we want you to participate in races and events. If you feel unprepared, confused, or intimidated, show up anyway! There will always be plenty of friendly runners milling around at races who won’t hesitate to share their favorite training tips or anxiety-reducing strategies. If you want to commit to more structured training, find a running coach who will support you, teach you, and individualize a plan based on your needs, schedule and goals.

If you run, run-walk, jog, or shuffle -- you are a runner. You belong here. I hope to see you at the Route 50 Mile!

Dr. Coach Megan


Megan R. James, PT DPT
USATF Level 2 Running Coach
Owner, Immersion PT, PLLC

Check out our Junior Culinary Cooking Class at Cheryl's Lodge! Every Monday evening, Cindy from To Love a Child, Inc. and Chef David DeLaMater from Dough Haven Farm work with youth to develop their culinary skills and immerse them in the fabulous world of food!

Thanks to these generations folks and their organizations, the kids were all given toolboxes filled with cooking materials to use every week as they're guided through a variety of foods, skills, and different ways to cook. Recently they learned knife skills, all about different spices, techniques for baking, and so, so, so much more!

The kids have been so inspired by this free and wonderful opportunity - and not only do they get to take home a new life skill and love of cooking and baking, but they keep the toolboxes and contents too!

WOW! How inspiring to see three incredible young people, Jason Colindres, Stan Yeung, and Justin Colindres (not pictured) dedicate their time and energy to others in their community "just because." Philanthropy is the love of humankind, and we could not think of a better demonstration of that kindness than this! THANK YOU to these Community Heroes!

Community Hero Alert!!! Thanks SO MUCH to Stewart's Shops for your incredible donation to the Bike Works program! Because of you, kids and their families have access to bicycles and helmets to enjoy some outdoor recreation this summer, or even use as transportation!

Wow! Thanks so much to Miss Sophia Tsahaloyonnis and the National Junior Honor Society for hosting such an amazing and successful food drive! The very definition of community heroes!!!

Community Hero Alert! Thanks so much to NYSEG for providing 150 energy efficiency boxes for our clients! These boxes, including an energy efficient power strip, a package of lightbulbs, and shower and faucet aerators, are a great way of helping everyday families save on their monthly energy bills. Every little bit counts!

Every April we celebrate our incredible, amazing, spectacular, dedicated, wonderful VOLUNTEERS! YOU are the heart of our agency and at the very core of everything that we do! YOU are the ones that make a difference, every day, all day in our community - volunteering throughout our over 30 programs and services, from Clifton Park to Saratoga to Gloversville and back! And a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to our Treasures volunteers!!!!

THANK YOU to the community heroes: OUR VOLUNTEERS!!!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who came out for Jersey Mike's Day of Giving! It was an AMAZING turnout at all fourteen stores and we cannot thank you enough for your support! And, of course, thank you THANK YOU to Jersey Mike's management and staff for working so hard to make the 13th annual Day of Giving a success!

Community Hero Alert! Thank you, thank you to Siena Men's Basketball and Fenimore Asset Management for not only having the kids from Cheryl's Lodge out for a game, but for choosing to update the basketball court at the Outreach Center as part of your community service initiative this year! We, and all of the youth, are so incredibly excited for this new opportunity and couldn't be more grateful!

This is a bit of a throwback, but we just had to share! Here are some photos from our Christmas Frosting Cookie event at Cheryl's Lodge with volunteer Madelyn Smith and her parents. The kids made cookies and received toys from Impact Athletic!

WOW! Thank you SO MUCH to Curtis Lumber Company for your incredible, amazing, spectacular gift of Carhartt clothing for our local children, families, and seniors in need! This was one of the largest gifts of clothing that we've ever received and we could not be more grateful.

WOW! Community Hero Alert! Thanks so much to Verrillo Motor Car Co. and the Mohawk Valley Pontiacs for all the incredible support that you've given for kids, families, and seniors in our community! We're so grateful for the partnership and can't wait for the weather to clear up and to see some of those beautiful classics on the road again!

Community Hero Alert! Thanks so much to International United Miss North New York Jr Preteen Cailin for your incredible support of kids, families, and seniors in our community!

Your hard work, compassion, and dedication to your community are an inspiration to us all!

Thank you to the United Way of the Greater Capital Region for your generous support in awarding CAPTAIN Community Human Services the inaugural Luminosity award in partnership with Saratoga Hospital and the Saratoga Community Health Center.

We're excited to kick-off this work to bring about transformative change in the local health and transportation systems. This project aims to build a new collaborative transportation model that will meaningfully change the landscape of health equity and mobility in Saratoga County.

Wow! Thank you SO MUCH to the wonderful ladies in Jackie Sorensen's Aerobics Class for your generous donations of hygiene products! You are true COMMUNITY HEROES!!!

WOW! It's a DOUBLE COMMUNITY HERO ALERT! Thanks so much to the New York Army National Guard for your service and sacrifice, and for taking even more time out of your day to make a difference for kids, families, and seniors in our local community.

Local Guardsmen helped to pack over 150 holiday food bags for families in need!

Community Hero Alert! Thanks so much to Ballston Spa National Bank (BSNB) for your support of kids, families, and seniors in our community! And special thanks to volunteer Ann Sharpe for presenting this generous donation!

What a FUN FRIDAY it was at Cheryl's Lodge! All thanks to Starpoint Church for bringing in frosted cookie kits! It was an educational event too, as the kids learned the importance of balanced meals as they munched on healthy snacks.

The weather might be cold, but these community heroes still warm our hearts!

What an absolutely MAGICAL time the teens at our Youth Shelter had at Christmas Land this year! Thank you so, so, so much for bringing holiday cheer to those kids who will be spending their Christmas at the Shelter. It was truly a special experience!