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nav·i·ga·tor  (navəˌɡādər/)


A person who directs the route or course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transportation.

The CAPTAIN Navigator Society is comprised of loyal and valued individuals who support the important work CAPTAIN has done in our community for over 40 years. Your annual investment to this society allows CAPTAIN to focus on our vision of becoming a recognized leader in empowering youth, individuals and families to overcome adversity and become self-sufficient. 

CAPTAIN Navigators receive an invitation to the annual Navigator Society cocktail party, a bi-annual newsletter with information on what's happening at CAPTAIN, invitations to Lunch-and-Learn opportunities, a CAPTAIN memento, and more. In addition, Commander- and Admiral-level members receive two tickets to An Unbridled Affair, our annual gala.

To request more information, call us at 518-371-1185, or  email Wendy Page, CAPTAIN's Development and Marketing Manager

Help change lives, and join today!


Navigator Society Levels

  • Ensign

    $250 - $499

  • Lieutenant

    $500 - $999

  • Commander

    $1,000 - $2,499

  • Admiral

    $2,500 and above



CAPTAIN is a qualified charitable organization and meets the standards and requirements of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). All contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes (subject to statutory limitations) and for federal estate and gift tax purposes.