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CAPteens - Youth Development

CAPteens recently held a Real Talk: Diversity event at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library. Check out the story here.

The next event is Real Talk: Suicide Prevention, which will be held on May 23rd at 6:30 pm, again at the library. Please join us for a discussion with panelists and the CAPteens.


"Two years ago, I was directed to CAPTAIN by a family friend. I originally joined CAPteens simply to fulfill my volunteering hours. Upon meeting Michelle [Smallwood, Youth Development Manager], I felt an excitement for the sense of community and inclusion I was greeted with. When I went to the retreat in Lake George, I was nervous, but by the end of the weekend, I felt like a part of something greater. I met people there I am still in contact with regularly, and our ideas have led to group services for the community that were needed.

I am so happy and proud to tell people I am a part of this group!"

- AnaMaria

CAPTAIN CHS has believed in youth volunteerism since its inception. Our CAPteen Program is a youth-driven, youth development program aimed at involving local teens in community service, philanthropy, and helping those in need. High school sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to become CAPteens based on an application and interview process. They commit to 30 hours of volunteer service and participate in an extensive and ongoing training process to develop the skills needed to staff the Teen Talk and Homework Help phone lines, mentor students, and grow as leaders. CAPteens serves as an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate a commitment to community service while building a resume for life.

CAPteens has had over 1,500 high school members since the program began in 1987, promoting positive development, leadership, self-esteem, character building, and citizenship, and opportunities to design and implement, with adult guidance, their own fundraising activities and a broad base of community service opportunities, including:

  • Homework Help at Cheryl's Lodge Outreach Center in Halfmoon Heights Mobile Home Community
  • R U Ok? TXT hotline
  • Teen Talk/Phone-a-Friend hotline
  • Winter Fest activities
  • Hosting the annual Haunted Halloween Hayride at Riverview Orchards
  • Helping with promotional and fundraising events for CAPTAIN
  • Two-day retreat during late summer for training and team building
  • Serving as ambassadors for CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services

R U Ok?

Have you ever been bullied or have a friend who has been bullied? Have you ever witnessed bullying? We're sure you answered yes to one of these questions, and in all of these circumstances, it can be difficult to know what to do. R U OK has been designed to help in these situations and others.  

Regardless of the situation, if you are dealing with difficulty or are aware of someone who needs help,

Text R U OK to 518-300-4320!

You will be connected to an anonymous peer operator who is trained to help you receive real time, real solutions to real problems. You don't need to stay silent any longer, or worry about how to intervene. Just text 518-300-4320 and get the help you need.

R U OK is a service sponsored by CAPTAIN Community Human Services' CAPteens and All In One Wireless. It is available 7am into the evening each day school is in session.

Watch the R U OK video to learn more!



In conjunction with the Town of Clifton Park, Job Assist is a program that matches local teens who are looking for work with individuals and businesses in the community who are looking to fill positions. Jobs postings are e-mailed to all interested and registered job seekers on a regular basis.

While matching first-time job seekers with employment, Job Assist helps youth to develop:

  • job-seeking skills (i.e. completing job applications, interviewing, choosing proper work attire, getting along with co-workers and supervisors)
  • work experience
  • positive self-esteem


CAPTAIN CHS provides quarterly community education workshops and learning activities on various relevant topics. Workshops are open to any interested community member; some may require a modest fee to participate. The workshops also serve as a means for CAPteens to participate in on-going educational activities to enhance their skill and knowledge level needed to effectively address teen topics and issues.