Community Hero Alert: The Mill on Round Lake

A Heroic Holiday Thank You to The Mill on Round Lake for spreading Joy at CAPTAIN Community Human Services!

A heartfelt salute to our holiday heroes at The Mill on Round Lake! Your extraordinary generosity has transformed CAPTAIN CHS into a winter wonderland of smiles and excitement. Your recent donation of toys is nothing short of heroic, bringing joy and magic to our community during this festive season.
With your support, we're ensuring that every child receives a special gift and experiences the wonder of the holidays. Your kindness has made a real difference, turning moments of uncertainty into memories filled with warmth and delight.

Thank you, The Mill on Round Lake, for being the true heroes of the season, for spreading love and cheer, and for making CAPTAIN CHS a place of joy for everyone. Happy holidays to our incredible donors—may your kindness return to you tenfold!