Meet Our Heroes: Individuals, Businesses and Groups Making a Difference in Our Community!

A huge THANK YOU to Jersey Mike's Subs management for their continued commitment to giving back, the amazing staff at all fourteen store locations, and everyone who joined Jersey Mike's Day of Giving! Your generosity exemplifies the power of community and this year's Day of Giving was a resounding success. Together, we raised $138,947 to support kids, families, and seniors in our community! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

Wow!!! A great, big THANK YOU to community heroes, the Clifton Park Elks, for supporting Karyl's Kupboard Emergency Food & Hygiene Pantry!

Community hero shoutout to Aaron DiMauro for leading a successful Food Drive with the National Junior Honor Society, resulting in 550 items collected!

We're so excited to announce that our esteemed Family Mentoring volunteer, Kathy Chapman, has been selected as one of Hannaford's "20 Outstanding Women!" Click the link to read more about Kathy's wonderful contribution to our community.

A great way to Leap for Kindness! Thanks to Keith from SEDC, retired teacher Dennis, Bethany from Ace Handyman, and retired teacher Patricia for supporting Cheryl's Lodge Homework Help program!

A great Leap of Kindness! Thanks to Owen from Ace Handyman Services for volunteering at the Youth Shelter this Leap Year! What a great job spiffing up our kitchen to keep the Shelter homey and comforting to our local youth in crisis!

A great Leap of Kindness! Thanks to Saratoga Economic Development Corporation staff for volunteering at the Food Pantry this Leap Year! Included in the photos from SEDC are Greg Connors, Vickie Niles, and Joanne Kirkpatrick. Thanks again for being an amazing support for our community!

Kudos to our local CBA student for their selfless act of collecting items for the Emergency Pantry!

A huge round of applause and heartfelt thanks to Robinson Ace Hardware for their incredible support in Rounding Up for the Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter! Your generosity is making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable youth in our community. Every penny counts, and your contributions will provide vital resources and support to those who need it most. Thank you for being a shining example of compassion and community spirit!

A Great Big Thank You to Capitaland GMC Subaru! Last week at Cheryl's Lodge, Capitaland Subaru hosted a Coat Giveaway event as part of Operation Warm that 'warmed' hearts all around. The brand-new, high-quality coats brought smiles to kids' faces, and the gratitude from parents was palpable. Capitaland Subaru's support made this event possible, and their commitment to the community shines brightly. Thank you, Capitaland Subaru, for your generosity and for making a real difference in the lives of families in need. Your kindness truly embodies the spirit of giving.

Big shoutout to Sean, Kim, and Mikayla Culnan for their incredible generosity! Their recent donation is a game-changer for our youth programs, especially the Zachary Culnan Memorial Fund Activity Scholarship.

This scholarship opens doors for kids across counties, ensuring they can join activities they're passionate about, regardless of financial barriers.

Thanks to the Culnan family's support, we've already granted 50 scholarships, empowering countless young dreams!

To delve into Zachary's inspiring story and learn more about the fund, visit

And if you or someone you know could benefit from a scholarship, apply here:

Together, let's keep nurturing our future leaders!

Big thanks to the Saratoga Wilton Elks Lodge #161 for their incredible generosity and support of the young adults in our Supportive Housing for Homeless Youth program! The recent donation of essential items for our apartment is truly remarkable: giving a terrific start for a young adult; empowering them to create a safe and happy first home.
Together, we're making a positive impact in our community!

A massive thank you to Orangetheory Clifton Park for their incredible support in hosting a hygiene product drive for our emergency food and hygiene pantry! Your dedication to giving back to the community is truly inspiring. Because of your generosity, we can provide essential hygiene products to those in need, ensuring everyone has access to the basics for maintaining their health and well-being. Your kindness is making a tangible difference in the lives of many. Thank you, Orangetheory Clifton Park, for being amazing partners in our mission to support our community. Together, we're making a positive impact!

We're overflowing with gratitude for the incredible generosity of the Christmas Pajama Foundation! Their donation of 103 pairs of Christmas pajamas to Cheryl's Lodge has brought so much joy and warmth to our residents this holiday season. Your thoughtfulness has made our Christmas season extra cozy and magical. Thank you for spreading holiday cheer and ensuring that every resident at Cheryl's Lodge feels the spirit of the season. Let's continue to share love and kindness with those around us!

A round of applause for NYSEG volunteers! Huge thanks to the amazing volunteers from NYSEG for their dedication in helping out at our Food Pantry! Because of their hard work and commitment, 175 families in our community received emergency food supplies when they needed it most. Your selflessness and generosity are making a real difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity. Thank you for stepping up and lending a helping hand! Let's continue spreading kindness and support to those in need. Together, we can make a positive impact!

Grateful Beyond Words! A huge shoutout to the amazing Twin Bridges Rotary for their incredibly generous donation of four brand new computers to CAPTAIN CHS' Cheryl's Lodge Outreach Center! Your support is a game-changer, empowering us to continue our mission of making a positive impact in the community. Thank you for investing in the future and helping us bridge the digital divide!

Gratitude in Abundance! Big shoutout to Michaels Group Homes and our amazing community for spreading holiday cheer through generous donations to CAPTAIN Community Human Services!

Your kindness is lighting up the season for those in need, making a real impact for kids, families, and seniors. Thank you for being the driving force behind positive change! Your compassion is the true spirit of the holidays.

A huge shoutout and heartfelt thanks to Atlantic Testing Laboratories, Limited for their incredible contribution to our hygiene drive! Your generosity is truly appreciated, and the impact of your donation will be felt throughout our community. Together, we are making a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Thank you, Atlantic Testing Laboratories, for your commitment to making the world a better place!

Embracing the spirit of giving, Next Generation Roofing has adopted two wonderful families in Halfmoon Heights! Our hearts were warmed as they brought joy to Cheryl's Lodge, accompanied by Santa, a feast of pizza, and Stewarts gift cards for ice cream sundaes – spreading happiness to the youth during homework help time. Next Generation Roofing, you are truly AMAZING!

A heartfelt thank you to the incredible National Guard team for lending us a helping hand in packing up the Christmas Food Bags! Your dedication and efficiency were truly remarkable, ensuring that the task was completed swiftly and with great care. We are immensely grateful for your support and selfless contribution to our community. Your efforts have made a significant impact, spreading joy and warmth during the holiday season. Thank you for embodying the spirit of service and making a difference in our community!

A Stellar Shoutout to Starpoint Church!

We are beyond grateful for the incredibly, incredibly amazing donation from Starpoint Church—226 bags of donated food for Cheryl's Lodge and our Food Pantry! Your generosity is nothing short of extraordinary and is making a monumental impact on the lives of those in our community.

To the compassionate members of Starpoint Church, your dedication to uplifting others is a true inspiration. Your thoughtful contribution goes beyond providing sustenance; it's a testament to the power of unity and kindness. Each bag is a symbol of hope and support, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

A heartfelt thanks for recognizing the needs of our community and responding with such overwhelming compassion. Your generosity is a shining example of the spirit of giving that makes our community stronger and more connected.

Starpoint Church, you've lit up the path of those in need with your kindness, and we are immensely grateful for your partnership in making a difference.

Gratitude Alert!

A heartfelt shoutout to the amazing team at Broadview Federal Credit Union for their incredibly generous gift to our Food Pantry! Your support is a beacon of hope, helping us nourish and uplift our community in times of need.

Special thanks to the outstanding staff and leadership at Broadview FCU for choosing CAPTAIN CHS as the recipient of this thoughtful donation. Your commitment to making a positive impact in our community is truly commendable.

With your generosity, you're not just filling shelves; you're filling hearts and ensuring that families in need have access to essential resources. Your kindness echoes far beyond the walls of the Credit Union, creating a ripple effect of compassion and community spirit.

To the entire Broadview Federal Credit Union family, we extend our deepest gratitude. Thank you for being champions of change and for standing with us as we work together to build a stronger, more caring community.

Community Hero Alert: Thanks to Toys for Toga!

DeCrescente Distributing Company
Discover Saratoga NY
Druthers Brewing Company
Death Wish Coffee
Quick Response Restoration

In the spirit of joy and generosity, we extend a massive and heartfelt thank you to Toys for Toga for their incredible donation of toys for kids this year! Your dedication to spreading happiness and making the holiday season magical for children is truly inspiring.

The impact of your generosity goes far beyond the toys themselves. You've ignited smiles, created memories, and brought a sense of wonder to the hearts of countless kids in our community. Your commitment to making a difference is a shining example of the power of compassion and community spirit.

Toys for Toga, you've not only filled our spaces with the joy of play but also filled our hearts with gratitude. Your kindness is a beacon of hope and a reminder that, together, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Thank you for being the true heroes of this holiday season, bringing warmth, joy, and the magic of giving to our community.

A Heartfelt Thank You to BSNB!

We are immensely grateful to Ballston Spa National Bank for their generous and impactful donation to CAPTAIN CHS. Your commitment to supporting our community is truly commendable, and your contribution will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

With your support, CAPTAIN CHS can continue its mission of providing essential services and assistance to individuals and families in need. Your generosity goes beyond financial support; it signifies a shared dedication to building a stronger, more compassionate community.

Thank you, Ballston Spa National Bank, for being a beacon of generosity and for standing alongside us in our efforts to make a positive impact. Your partnership is instrumental in creating lasting change and fostering a spirit of unity within our community.

A Shoutout to Round Lake Remodeling!

We're overjoyed to share a fantastic update on our window situation at Cheryl's Lodge, thanks to the exceptional team at Round Lake Remodeling, led by the skilled Jake Ingrim and his dedicated crew.

They didn't just fix the window in our art room; they went above and beyond! Jake and his team filled in the top gap with precision-cut wood, ensuring a snug fit. Extra pieces of wood were added along the sides of the double window, and the same thoughtful treatment extended to the other window in the art room.

But that's not all – the Round Lake Remodeling team took it a step further by sealing the deal with silicon sealant, ensuring a watertight and secure finish for both windows. And the care didn't stop there; they meticulously went around all our windows, addressing gaps from the outside.

Round Lake Remodeling, your craftsmanship and attention to detail have transformed our windows and elevated the comfort of our surroundings. Thank you for going the extra mile and turning challenges into opportunities for improvement.

Heartfelt Thanks to Herzog Law Firm!

A special shoutout to the incredible team at Herzog Law Firm for their generosity and support of CAPTAIN CHS' Care Links program! Your commitment to making a positive impact in our community truly shines, and we're immensely grateful for your thoughtful donation.

Not only did Herzog Law Firm contribute to Care Links, but they've also shared the spirit of gratitude by their involvement in providing Thanksgiving Baskets to our program in Clifton Park. Your kindness is creating meaningful connections and spreading joy during this season of giving.

To the amazing folks at Herzog Law Firm, your dedication to community service is truly inspiring. Your contribution ensures that Care Links continues to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Thank you, Herzog Law Firm, for being a beacon of generosity and compassion. Your support is making our community stronger, one caring gesture at a time.

A heartfelt shoutout to County Waste & Recycling of New York for spreading joy and pedaling positivity! Thanks to their incredible generosity, 20 shiny bicycles arrived for our Toy Shop program, making this holiday season extra special for deserving families.

A massive round of applause to the dynamic team behind the scenes - Chris, Brendan, Ryan, Nahquan, and Matt! Your dedication and hard work collecting and delivering these bikes are the wheels that keep the spirit of giving rolling.

Your commitment to community service and the joy you've brought to countless faces are truly remarkable. County Waste, you've not only given the gift of wheels but also created lasting memories for children who will cherish these bicycles for years to come.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate and celebrate County Waste and the incredible team that made this possible. Thank you for being the true embodiment of the holiday spirit and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

A Joyful Holiday Thank You to Pioneer Bank in Clifton Park for Lighting Up CAPTAIN CHS's Toy Shop with Generosity!

A heartfelt cheer to our friends at Pioneer Bank! Your incredible spirit of giving has brought an abundance of joy to CAPTAIN Community Human Services' Toy Shop. The recent donation from Pioneer Bank has added a brilliant sparkle to the holiday season for families in need.

With your support, we're crafting smiles and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your dedication to making a positive impact in our community is truly remarkable, and we're grateful for the warmth you've shared during this festive time.

Thank you, Pioneer Bank, for being the holiday heroes we can count on, for making our Toy Shop shine a little brighter, and for spreading the magic of the season. May your generosity come back to you tenfold!

A Heartwarming Holiday Thank You to Northway Church for bringing a Truckload of Joy to CAPTAIN Community Human Services' Toy Shop!

A special shoutout to our festive friends at Northway Church! Your incredible generosity has turned CAPTAIN CHS's Toy Shop into a magical haven for children in need. The recent arrival of a truckload of toys is an inspiring testament to the warmth and compassion of Northway Church.

With your support, we're creating unforgettable holiday moments for families and spreading joy throughout our community. Your commitment to making a difference is truly heartwarming, turning this season into a celebration of love, generosity, and togetherness.

Thank you, Northway Church, for being the holiday heroes we needed, for bringing smiles to little faces, and for making the Toy Shop a place of wonder and delight. Wishing you all a season filled with the same joy you've shared with us!

A Heroic Holiday Thank You to The Mill on Round Lake for spreading Joy at CAPTAIN Community Human Services!

A heartfelt salute to our holiday heroes at The Mill on Round Lake! Your extraordinary generosity has transformed CAPTAIN CHS into a winter wonderland of smiles and excitement. Your recent donation of toys is nothing short of heroic, bringing joy and magic to our community during this festive season.
With your support, we're ensuring that every child receives a special gift and experiences the wonder of the holidays. Your kindness has made a real difference, turning moments of uncertainty into memories filled with warmth and delight.

Thank you, The Mill on Round Lake, for being the true heroes of the season, for spreading love and cheer, and for making CAPTAIN CHS a place of joy for everyone. Happy holidays to our incredible donors—may your kindness return to you tenfold!

A warm shoutout to TCT Federal Credit Union for being a beacon of community support during this Thanksgiving season! Your ongoing dedication to giving back shines through, and your contribution to our Thanksgiving Basket program at CAPTAIN Community Human Services is making a meaningful impact. With your generosity, we're able to bring smiles and nourishment to families in need, creating a ripple of positivity throughout our community. Thank you, TCT Federal Credit Union, for embodying the true spirit of unity and compassion!

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to John W. Danforth Company for their unwavering commitment to our community. For many years, their generosity has been a beacon of hope during the Thanksgiving season, providing baskets filled with warmth and nourishment to those in need. This longstanding tradition embodies the true spirit of giving, and we're profoundly grateful for the positive impact it continues to have on countless lives. Thank you, John W. Danforth Company, for being a pillar of support and spreading joy year after year!

Heartfelt thanks to Greenlight Networks for their incredible generosity! Your support means the world to us at CAPTAIN Community Human Services, and with your thoughtful donation, our Thanksgiving Basket program is reaching new heights of impact. Your commitment to our community is helping us create moments of joy and togetherness during this special season. Thank you, Greenlight Networks, for being a beacon of support and making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve!

A huge shoutout to Pepsi for their incredible generosity! Thanks to their thoughtful donation, the Thanksgiving Basket program at CAPTAIN Community Human Services is set to make a positive impact on countless lives. Your support is helping us spread warmth and joy to those in need. Together, we're making this holiday season brighter for our community. Thank you, Pepsi, for making a difference!

Sharing is caring, and today we’re caring a whole lot! Join us in a BIG thank you to the fantabulous folks from The Mill on Round Lake, The Rusty Nail, and Bentley's Tavern for donating 20 beautiful Thanksgiving baskets and handmade cards. We are so appreciative of the generosity from the community during this holiday season!Thanksgiving Basket donations are accepted through November 17th. With a little help, anything is possible!

Together, you are providing full plates and full hearts! A BIG thank you to the Clifton Park Hannaford Supermarkets for your kind and heartwarming donation to the food pantry. With each donation, our community continues to lift people up and build brighter futures! Thank you for making a difference through your incredible help and generosity.

Check out more photos from this year's Volunteer Appreciation Dinner!

Celebrating Our CAPTAIN Community Heroes!

Last week, we gathered to honor the incredible individuals who make a world of difference in our community. CAPTAIN Community Human Services' Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was a night to remember, and we're excited to share some moments with you.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our volunteers. Your dedication, selflessness, and unwavering commitment to the betterment of our community inspire us all. Together, we're making our community a better place for everyone!

The delicious food and warm conversations made the evening even more special. Our volunteers enjoyed a well-deserved feast, surrounded by friends and fellow change-makers.

Let's raise a toast to our CAPTAIN Community Heroes and the remarkable impact they have on our community every day.

WOW! Community Hero Alert! Thanks to Arnoff Moving & Storage for donating a whopping 1,044 pounds of food! They hosted a food drive competition with local companies that resulted in two pallets of donations!!! Thank you thank you!

Thank you, thank you to Trustco Bank for all of your incredible support of the Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter's 25th Anniversary Fund! It's because of supporters like you that our Youth Shelter has a strong foundation for the next 25 years!

Congratulations to Community Heroes On the Move Health & Fitness, LLC on their second anniversary! We truly appreciate all that you do for kids, families, and seniors in our community!

Community Hero Alert! Thanks so much to Starpoint Church for hosting a basketball camp at Cheryl's Lodge this summer! The kids received a water bottle, shirt, and new basketball at the end of the program. It was an awesome time!

Community Hero Alert! Thank you to JCPenney-Clifton Park Center who provided a back-to-school shopping trip for several youth from Cheryl's Lodge. Store employees, including the General Manager, were super helpful and incredibly generous in supporting these fantastic kids!

Community Hero Alert! Shopping with the Stars!!! Thanks to Starpoint Church and Kohl's for an amazing event where kids from Cheryl's Lodge were paired with a Starpoint volunteer to walk through the store and pick out what was needed for back-to-school. The kids ended the day with snacks and water too! What a fun and generous annual event!

Community Hero Alert! Thank you so, so, so much to this group of incredible people from Ayco at Goldman Sachs for coming to complete the Fall Cleanup at our Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter. Not only did the team prepare the Shelter for the coming winter, but they created a beautiful environment to celebrate the Youth Shelter's 25th Anniversary this Thursday, September 21st!

We're so honored to see one of CAPTAIN CHS's Founders, Dr. Bill Long, receiving a Key to the Town Award from the Town of Clifton Park. Dr. Long, his wife Anne, and his family have been an integral part of building a safety net for kids and families in our community. Thank you for all that you do!

WOW! Thank you SO MUCH to Paul Bonacio and Bonacio Construction, Relyea & Sons and Daughters LLC, and CAPTAIN CHS Board Immediate Past President Mike Holley for making this long journey possible - we now finally have a swing set at Cheryl's Lodge!!! The team worked through the sun and rain to get this setup for the kids and we could not be more grateful!

Community Hero Alert! Cindy from To Love a Child donated a grill to Cheryl's Lodge, which we can use for our summer programs and during the school year for grilling. Thank you so much to Cindy for this wonderful upgrade to our Outreach Center!

Happy Happy BIrthday! Can you believe this donation? 48 bags FULL! All gifts in lieu of birthday presents for this wonderful donor's 80th!
This is community!

Wow! What an amazing act of kindness from Fenimore Asset Management and Siena College Basketball! These wonderful teams helped to refurbish the basketball court (Star Court) at Cheryl's Lodge this summer. The celebration event was wonderful, and the kids have enjoyed everyday on the court this summer. Thank you so, so, so much to these two groups of absolutely generous staff and players!