Zachary Culnan Memorial Family Fund - Activity Scholarship

No youth should be priced out of participation in pursuits and passions that could have life-altering and lasting impacts on their future success.

The Zachary Culnan Memorial Family Fund - Activity Scholarship was created with the purpose of providing a resource for low-income, disadvantaged and under-resourced youth who want to participate in a variety of different life-enhancing programs. Applicants who are pursuing participation in sports, activities, theater, music, art, STEM, or other hobbies are welcome to apply. The scholarship will provide financial support for the applicant to be able to take part in the opportunity of their choice.

The application process is intended for the youth, along with parents' assistance if necessary, to describe their program or activity of choice and why it is important to them. This will give the application committee an insight into exactly how the particular activity program will benefit the applicant. The application is also a great way for our selection committee to better get to know the applicant!

The Zachary Culnan Memorial Family Fund - Activity Scholarship may not be able to fund the entire amount of assistance required. Requests in excess of $500 may be difficult to fill. All payments will be made directly to the activity, sponsoring business, or organization, or another third party. Donation requests will not be made directly to the individual or family.


Age qualifications - 9 to 18 years of age

Income guidelines as follows:

Household Size | Annual Income

1  |  $0 - $25,760
2  |  $25,761 - $34,840
3  |  $34,841 - $43,920
4  |  $43,921 - $53,000
5  |  $53,001 - $62,080
6  |  $62,081 - $71,160
7  |  $71,161 - $80,240
8  |  $80,241 - $89,320
Each Additional - add $9,080

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