Homelessness Prevention & Intervention Programs

Addressing, preventing, and ending homelessness is a core value and mission of CAPTAIN CHS. We have continued to deepen our commitment through the years and understand that homelessness is something that no one should experience and is a social determinate of health and well-being. But we know it takes a collaborative and coordinated approach to prevent and end homelessness. It is not the singular effort of one person or agency, and responsibility doesn’t lie with one sector or organization, it is the collective effort with purpose that creates and sustains movement forward and progress.

CAPTAIN CHS offers multiple programs to prevent and intervene in cases of homelessness in Saratoga, Fulton, Montgomery, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington Counties:

  • Our Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP) is a NYS-funded program to help individuals and families facing a housing crisis. The goal of STEHP is to keep people in our community stably housed. The funding provides financial assistance for those who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in Saratoga, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties.

  • Saratoga County has a new and innovative approach to address to homelessness in light of COVID-19 that ushers in unprecedented levels of community collaboration and a multi-sector approach, and CAPTAIN Community Human Services is leading the initiative.

  • The Saratoga-North Country Continuum of Care (CoC) Membership is dedicated to preventing and eliminating homelessness while ensuring that an effective system of care and services is in place to respond to the needs of at-risk and homeless individuals and families. CAPTAIN CHS is a member, and Executive Director Andy Gilpin sits on the Board.