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Wish List

Street Outreach Program Activity Kits and Meals

The Outreach teams have been working on different ways to reach out and connect with local generous supporters like you.  With help from you, we plan to offer weekly To-Go Meals and monthly Activity Kits.

Beginning this month, the teams in Fulton, Montgomery and Saratoga counties will be cooking a variety of To-Go Meals for our youth and handing them out every Friday between 3-5pm. This way we can ensure that those we work with are able to access hot home-cooked dinners.

The teams are also looking to gather items to give to our youth in the creation of monthly Activity Kits. These kits will coincide with our Facebook posts, focusing mainly on self-care, how to access services, and taking care of our bodies. Our first Activity Kits will be handed out in the month of September.