Emergency Assistance

Family, Emergency & Utilities Assistance

Family, Emergency & Utilities Assistance

Thank You

" ...Thank you for everything that you have done for my children and me. We've been through so much. It began with my health issues, and then my 16-year-marriage fell apart. When he left, he took everything we worked so hard for -- even our car. My children and I had to start all over with only our clothes and a few personal items. CAPTAIN did so much for us; among other things, you made it possible for us to have dishes and a table so we can have our family time each evening. CAPTAIN has given us the foundation we need to move on and to move up." From Sarah and kids

Family Assistance Program

Our Family Assistance Program provides one-time, emergency financial assistance for individuals and families experiencing a hardship or crisis that could leave them without heat, shelter, or other essential needs.

Emergency rental or utility assistance is available to those residents of Southern Saratoga County who have received a notice of eviction, are at imminent risk of losing their housing, are literally homeless, or are facing a utility shutoff.

To find out if you qualify for emergency assistance, you must apply with our Family Assistance Program Associate by calling 518-371-1185.


FEASST is a coalition of faith communities, partnered with CAPTAIN CHS to work together to meet the needs of those facing crisis. Together, we pool resources to better provide and coordinate efforts for those in need, particularly for needs that cannot be met through traditional support programs and services.

FEASST has expanded to include a new chapter in Northern Saratoga County.

Fore more information on FEASST, call 518-371-1185.