Cherished Friends and Supporters,

I’ll never forget the day I met Lily.

She was just a child herself, with a newborn baby in her arms. She was frail, tired, cold, homeless, and above all, hungry.

I could see hopelessness in her eyes.

I’ll tell you more about Lily in a minute. But first, I want to show you how you can be a miracle for someone like her.

Today, you truly have an amazing opportunity to help turn things around – one broken life at a time. And help turn our community into a better place. For everyone.

By giving now, your gift will be matched by very generous anonymous donors.

I’m hoping you can join the fight against hunger and homelessness, right here at home… The work to feed and house young people like Lily and her newborn baby. Please give online by clicking the button above or below today. 

Lily’s been hungry her entire life.

She grew up in a violent, addicted family – moving from one motel to another, caring for her younger sister and nephew before she even learned how to drive.

It’s no surprise that her path out of this abuse was into the arms of another abuser.

Scared, but courageous for her own child, Lily decided to leave her boyfriend and flee.

As you know, there are more hungry and homeless people in our area this winter than ever before. They’re suffering in so many ways – but most of all, they’re cold and HUNGRY.

It’s something we don’t want to believe. But it’s true.

Many of those whose bellies rumble each night are children.

Lily left her abusive situation to save her child, but now she has no home and no food for him. Can you imagine the bravery it took to leave, coupled with not knowing how you would provide even the most basic needs for your family?

The cost of food has increased by more than 11% in the last year. And housing prices are up nearly 18% in the last year – all while wages have grown less than half that. Hardworking families are finding it difficult if not impossible to make ends meet.

Many people I talk to are surprised to learn that our programs and services are under more strain today than ever before… including at times in the unprecedented last three years.

For many, life has never been harder.

With the holiday season almost here, I want to be there for young people like Lily with food, basic supplies, and help finding and sustaining a home.

Providing emergency food and supplies for one person costs just $2.50. That’s three- or four-days’ worth of food and basic supplies. That means if you give $25, you’ll ensure ten hungry children and adults will go to bed without hunger pains tonight.

Get your calculator out and see all the good you can do. You can give through our secure online website by clicking the button above or below this message.

Without your help, another young family like Lily's faces hunger and homelessness.

Your donation will not only ensure there's nutritious food on the shelves at the Pantry, but it will help youth like Lily access benefits, education, and affordable housing.

A lifetime of homelessness has not been easy for Lily. For children, growing up as she did leads to physical, emotional, and behavioral problems.

Half of school-age homeless children experience depression or anxiety. They’re less likely to graduate high school or access vocational training. Building a brighter future for themselves without help from good people like you is close to impossible. There’s very little hope in their hearts.

Lily spent last Christmas living in a motel. She’ll probably spend this Christmas in a friend’s unfinished, unheated attic with her newborn. It’s not what she wants. She wants a future for her son very different from her own past.

You can imagine how that feels, especially as a young parent: “I get up worried. I go to bed worried,” she says. “And now, in the winter, it’s so cold on the nights we spend outdoors.”

I wish we could go back and give Lily the childhood she deserved. I know you do too. But what you and I can do today is give her a little more hope by meeting their urgent need for food, housing, and other essentials.

Your gift will ensure Lily has a warm place to spend the holidays, a hot meal for herself, and the important formula and diapers that her baby needs.

Your generosity will calm her hunger pangs and fill her heart with love, reminding her that she is, for the first time, cared for. (By you!)

Will you make a tax-deductible gift today – changing Lily’s life and making it possible for us to reach even more homeless youth just like her?

Give online now by clicking the button above or below this message.

The amazing thing about our emergency services is how often they become the first step to a new life for homeless people like Lily.

As you know, we have over thirty programs and services. They work together to bring individuals and families from crisis to self-sufficiency. By meeting the most urgent need head-on, we can empower young people like Lily to start building a brighter future for herself and her son.

That’s why I hope you can make a donation today. People like Lily may not have a lot of time left for hope, and our doors and phone lines are flooded with stories too similar and too heart-breaking to share.

Will you make a donation online today by clicking the button above or below this message to make a difference for kids, families, and seniors in our community?

I know you’re someone who cares for the less fortunate. You’re also one of these people who goes “above and beyond” to make our community a better place.

I know your heart is hurting right now, just as mine is, knowing there are so many more young families like Lily’s out there. Knowing our community is hurting. Knowing that even hardworking people are struggling.

You can end this cycle for Lily’s son and give them both the future they deserve.

By generously donating today, your gift will go even further with an anonymous donor match.

More and more kids, families, and seniors are relying on the programs and services CAPTAIN CHS offers to get by in these tough times – and relying on you to ensure we’re there when they need us.

This isn’t the first time you’ve made a difference and I know it won’t be the last. Thank you for continuing to be one of those community heroes who gives so generously. Thank you for working to strengthen our community and change lives each and every day.

Please, your gift is more important now than ever. Will you give today by clicking the button above or below this message?

The holidays are coming fast. It’s the time of the year when those experiencing hunger and homelessness suffer the most… And when your gift can have the most impact, by aiding people like Lily through crisis leading them to make the life changes they need to make!

Thank you again for your support and your faith in our good work. Your generosity is what makes it possible to have hope for young people like Lily and the thousands of kids, families, and seniors at our doors.

Hungry and homeless children and families are waiting for your help.

With my deepest gratitude for all that you do, 

Andy Gilpin
Executive Director
CAPTAIN Community Human Services

P.S. Please rush your gift by December 31st so we can feed each homeless person who comes looking for a meal and a friendly face this holiday season. Click the button above or below this message today!