Town of Clifton Park: Working Collaboratively to Address the Opioid Crisis

From the Town of Clifton Park:

Supervisor Barrett hosted a Saratoga County Opioid Emergency Summit that included professionals representing the following organizations:
-Supervisor Jon Lant and Town of Wilton
-Saratoga County Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
-Saratoga County Department of Health
-The Prevention Council
-CAPTAIN Community Human Services
-Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department
-Saratoga County District Attorney
-Saratoga County EMS
-Shelters of Saratoga
-Saratoga Hospital Community Health Center

Thank you to everyone who attended this first of its kind event. Saratoga County is thankful for the many professionals working to help people with addiction issues in our communities every day. We have instituted new initiatives in 2022 to support individuals and families. Collaborative efforts such as the Summit will lead to more new partnerships and information sharing.

If you or someone you know needs help there are many resources available. A good place to start is the Saratoga County Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. The office number is 518.584.9030.