Community Hero Alert: Starpoint Church

A Stellar Shoutout to Starpoint Church!

We are beyond grateful for the incredibly, incredibly amazing donation from Starpoint Church—226 bags of donated food for Cheryl's Lodge and our Food Pantry! Your generosity is nothing short of extraordinary and is making a monumental impact on the lives of those in our community.

To the compassionate members of Starpoint Church, your dedication to uplifting others is a true inspiration. Your thoughtful contribution goes beyond providing sustenance; it's a testament to the power of unity and kindness. Each bag is a symbol of hope and support, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

A heartfelt thanks for recognizing the needs of our community and responding with such overwhelming compassion. Your generosity is a shining example of the spirit of giving that makes our community stronger and more connected.

Starpoint Church, you've lit up the path of those in need with your kindness, and we are immensely grateful for your partnership in making a difference.