Community Hero Alert: Round Lake Remodeling!

A Shoutout to Round Lake Remodeling!

We're overjoyed to share a fantastic update on our window situation at Cheryl's Lodge, thanks to the exceptional team at Round Lake Remodeling, led by the skilled Jake Ingrim and his dedicated crew.

They didn't just fix the window in our art room; they went above and beyond! Jake and his team filled in the top gap with precision-cut wood, ensuring a snug fit. Extra pieces of wood were added along the sides of the double window, and the same thoughtful treatment extended to the other window in the art room.

But that's not all – the Round Lake Remodeling team took it a step further by sealing the deal with silicon sealant, ensuring a watertight and secure finish for both windows. And the care didn't stop there; they meticulously went around all our windows, addressing gaps from the outside.

Round Lake Remodeling, your craftsmanship and attention to detail have transformed our windows and elevated the comfort of our surroundings. Thank you for going the extra mile and turning challenges into opportunities for improvement.